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Zoe Medifoam Full Foam Mattress

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Zoe Medifoam Full Foam Mattress

Experience unparalleled tranquillity with the Zoe Medifoam Full Foam Mattress, a product meticulously crafted for individuals who desire the perfect balance of gentle firmness and unmatched support.

At the heart of this mattress is the innovative Medifoam layer. Medifoam provides superior spinal support, perfectly balancing firmness with comfort. With its open cell structure design, it facilitates enhanced airflow, ensuring a cooler sleep experience as compared to traditional memory foam. What sets it apart is the immediate bounce-back it offers when you change sleeping positions, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.

One notable feature is the absence of springs in this mattress. If you're someone who prefers to 'sleep on' rather than 'sleep in' a mattress, the Zoe Medifoam Full Foam Mattress is tailored for you. This unique design provides an undisturbed sleep environment, especially beneficial for couples. The zero motion transfer ensures that movements from one side of the bed do not disrupt the sleeper on the other side.

Adding to the mattress's durability and stability is the 8-inch high-density foam foundation. This solid base not only supports the body's pressure points but also ensures the mattress stands the test of time.

For those who value hygiene and health, the Zoe Medifoam Full Foam Mattress does not disappoint. The soft knitted stretch fabric that envelops the mattress is designed with anti-allergy properties, promising a clean sleeping environment night after night. Additionally, the hypoallergenic properties ensure you wake up feeling refreshed, without any allergic reactions.

Key Features of the Zoe Medifoam Full Foam Mattress:

- A supportive 50mm Medifoam layer, perfect for spinal alignment.
- Robust 950mm high-density foundation for consistent support.
- Delivers orthopaedic support ideal for back pain sufferers.
- Comes with a removable zip cover for easy maintenance.
- Innovative Airflow technology ensuring optimum breathability and freshness.
- Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic properties for a healthier sleep.
- Edge-to-edge support, maximising the sleep surface.
- Adapts and moulds to your body, offering a snug, comfortable sleep environment.
- A generous thickness of approximately 10 inches.

In a nutshell, the Zoe Medifoam Full Foam Mattress is more than just a sleeping surface; it's an investment in restful nights and energised mornings. Whether you're a back sleeper, side sleeper, or someone dealing with chronic back pain, this mattress is designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring every morning is a good one.


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      1 Year warranty as standard.
      Handcrafted and Manufactured to the highest standards and meets all British fire regulations.
      Available in all standards UK Sizes.


      Delivery is done by a specialist furniture company, therefore, it will take approx 5 - 10 working days from dispatch. 
      ITEM will be handmade and dispatched within 5 to 10 working days from cleared payment. 


      This mattress can be ordered in Ikea / European Sizes or custom sizes, please call for details.
      This can be delivered to France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, call for details.


      Assembled items non returnable. 
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