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About us

About US:

At Gables Beds we are dedicated to delivering high quality, high luxury and designer beds. Choose from a selection of contemporary modern beds designed to suit all tastes and needs. 

We supply a range of new and exciting mattresses that promote peace, serenity and most importantly a restful night’s sleep.

Our specialist staff ensures the products sourced are the latest styles and manufactured with the latest technologies.

We have refined the process of mattress distribution with fulfilment services, this combined with no showrooms we are able to save on huge overheads. These savings are passed on to you the buyer. You will therefore notice on like for like products we are up to 70% cheaper than typical high street prices!

We specialise in natural mattresses for a healthier sleep.

By putting our suppliers through strict due diligence we can ensure all our products conform to British Standards for quality and safety. Each item is compliant with fire and safety regulations.

All beds and mattresses offered for sale by Gables Beds are made in the UK.