What is Zero Motion Transfer Mattresses?

Zero Motion Transfer from our selected Zoe Mattresses can help you get the good night's sleep you desire.

With a dual layered foam mattress you select the comfort layer that would suit your sleep style. The ark-like 8" foundation provides your body the support it needs.

Comfort layer

Do you find yourself having disturbed sleep due to your partner moving around through the night? It could be they are not getting the comfort and support needed to be in a deep sleep. This could result in them or yourself tossing and turning through the night like a washing machine.

Zoe Active Collection incorporates a range of mattresses that not only reduce but eliminate motion transfer between users so you can be sure to get a good night's sleep.

Sleep is the most under valued part of many peoples lives with busy schedules and even more so of an extensive athletes lifestyle, yet is most critical in recovery helping you to look, feel and perform better.

Sleep is not only essential for our happiness and physical rest but also our mental relaxation, the most important ingredient for a balanced lifestyle.

From young children to adults we all need sleep to allow our body and mind to develop as well as maintain our mental health and physical wellbeing.

A poor nights sleep can result in depression, anxiety and other medical conditions as well as just a bad mood.  

Studies have shown for children poor sleep can be associated with eating disorders, difficult behaviour, lower capacity to retain information and weight gain.

For adults sleep deprivation can cause serious medical conditions, obesity, depression and to a reduced immune system.

Zoe Active Collection has a range of mattresses to suit all sleep positions and needs of all users.

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