Bonnell Spring vs. Pocket Spring? Which one is Better?

Bonnell Spring vs. Pocket Spring? 

Many sellers online are taking advantage of buyers by selling items that don't meet the given specs. Misleading buyers by using savvy wording sellers are supplying inferior mattresses as well as springs that are not what they are made out to be.

Bonnell springs (also referred to as open coil springs) are essentially one wire which is twisted around throughout the mattress to provide a platform for the mattress to be built on. They are the most traditional spring system and are a suitable option if on a budget or for guest rooms etc. However they will not last as long as pocket sprung mattresses and will not supply the tailored support and comfort long term. When one user lays on the mattress the whole spring compresses therefore does not give full support to your different body parts.

Pocket sprung mattresses provide a complete tailored support system for each user as well as being a more durable unit.

All the spring mattresses that you will find on Gables Beds are Pocket Sprung mattresses.

eBay, Amazon and other online sites have given sellers the advantage of selling what's not on the tin! Often masked as a pocket sprung mattress a Bonnell spring is the most commonly sold mattress online. There is nothing "wrong" with Bonnell spring mattresses, what is wrong is when you get a Bonnell spring but thinking you have bought a pocket sprung mattress.

Yes you can find them in high street stores like Dreams, however they are a very small minority of mattresses that they sell and will often be placed on special to draw you in.

The best, easiest and fun way to test if you have or are looking at a Bonnell spring or pocket sprung mattress is to slap the mattress on one side, while a friend or partner has their hand on the other side of the mattress. As well as the springs making a bouncing sound the other person will too feel the ripple going through the springs.

Based on the costs (especially in recent years and post Brexit) spring prices have almost tripled. The costs of a pocket sprung unit is more than what some sellers are selling mattresses for online. So is logically and physically impossible.

A mattress is one of the most underrated purchases that people make, it is the foundation of a good sleep as well as reduces chances for muscle and joint pains.

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