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How to find the bed of your Dreams in Basildon

Finding the bed of your dreams in Basildon is easy with Gables Beds. Whether you are looking for frame beds, sleigh beds, fabric beds, ottoman beds, storage beds, divan beds, ottoman storage divan beds, lift up beds, gas lift beds, panel beds, mirror beds, beds on Klarna, beds on Clearpay, grey beds, black beds, mink beds, red beds, blue beds, silver beds, baby pink beds, hot pink beds, truffle beds, cream beds, white beds, crushed velvet beds, plush velvet beds, linen beds, chenille beds or a bespoke British handmade bed made the way you want, Gables Beds in Basildon have it all for you.

Completing your Dreams in Basildon?

Finding the bed of your dreams in Basildon is the easy part, finding the mattress of your dreams near Basildon is where Gables Beds specialise to ensure you get the mattress that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for memory foam mattresses, full foam mattresses, cool gel pocket sprung mattresses, gel mattresses, Gables Beds in Basildon have the right mattress for you.

Beds in Basildon can be viewed at our Essex bed shop at 1a Waterworks Lane, Fobbing, Stanford Le Hope, Thurrock, Essex, SS17 9HX Tuesday to Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm. Our highly trained staff will offer impartial advice with a zero pressure sales approach. Alternatively view the full range that we deliver throughout Essex and UK online

Beds and mattresses that make reality of your dreams in Basildon.

Zoe Active Collection incorporates the latest innovative sleep technology infused with design and development by sleep specialists, with over 100 years of combined experience.

Sleep is the most under valued part of many peoples lives with busy schedules and even more so of an extensive athletes lifestyle, yet is most critical in recovery helping you to look, feel and perform better.

Sleep is not only essential for our happiness and physical rest but also our mental relaxation, the most important ingredient for a balanced lifestyle.

From young children to adults we all need sleep to allow our body and mind to develop as well as maintain our mental health and physical wellbeing.

A poor nights sleep can result in depression, anxiety and other medical conditions as well as just a bad mood.  

Studies have shown for children poor sleep can be associated with eating disorders, difficult behaviour, lower capacity to retain information and weight gain.

For adults sleep deprivation can cause serious medical conditions, obesity, depression and to a reduced immune system.

Zoe Active Collection has a range of mattresses to suit all sleep positions and needs of all users.

Choose from pressure relieving Memory Foam to increased energy and vitality of Sin Latex, adapting to your body the way you need.

  • Tailored comfort and support
  • Temperature regulation
  • Improved muscle renewal
  • Pressure relief on joints
  • Can help reduce pain and swelling
  • Hypoallergenic fillings and fabrics
  • Rotate only

Zoe Active Collection Mattresses with choice of encapsulated pocket sprung collection including Pure Gel - Memory Foam - MediFoam - Airflex - Cool Cell Memory Foam - Sin Latex or our full foam mattresses for those who prefer no springs and zero motion transfer.

Heritage sleep collection is ideal for anyone looking to transform their bedroom to a dream land where they inherit peace, calm and serenity.

Individually selected signature British handcrafted beds and mattresses to help you create your tailored sleep sanctuary. 

Premium quality designs in the exclusive Opulence fabric range.

Mattresses made from the finest natural fillings, because quite simply there is no substitute to natural. Mattresses of your dreams in Basildon.

Flexible bed finance available on checkout.

Available to order in mattress shops near Basildon all standard UK sizes including 3ft single bed 3' mattress, 4ft small double bed 4' queen size mattress, 4ft6 double bed 4'6" mattress, 5ft king size bed 5' kingsize mattress Basildon, 6ft super king size bed, 6' superking mattress. Custom European Ikea size beds and mattresses can be made to order in Basildon mattress shops.

Quality mattresses of your dreams in Basildon

Memory Foam mattresses available throughout mattress shops in Basildon range significantly in price, quality and formation. A good Memory Foam mattress will contain a high visco elastic density with a strong support foundation. Providing a cradling feeling while you sleep and alleviates pressure points to help reduce aches and pains on your shoulders, neck and hips. The downside of Memory Foam mattresses is the heat retention that generally makes the users sweat and feel uncomfortable on summer nights.

Cool Gel mattresses available in the best mattress shops in Basildon provide an active cool sleep experience with the cooling gel foam which provides revolutionary comfort and pressure relief, along with immediate bounce back when changing sleep positions. Designed with an open cell structure allowing significantly increased air flow than Memory Foam. When partnered with pocket springs these hybrid mattresses provide a great balance between comfort and support.

Pocket sprung mattresses in Basildon mattress shops come in 2 forms. A traditional construction with rod edges for overall strength and support from the pocket sprung unit. Alternative a modern day foam encased pocket sprung unit provides edge to edge support without any feel from the sides of the springs, foam encapsulated pocket sprung units can also be vacuum roll packed that makes it easy to get the mattress in to your bedroom and then springs back to life when opened. (Do not purchase a pocket sprung mattress if roll packed and is NOT constructed with foam encased springs)

MediFoam mattresses are only available in the best Basildon mattress shops and offer a gentle firm sleep experience with orthopaedic comfort and pressure relief. A quick recovery foam assists in a great night's sleep with Airflow technology and additional support for chronic back pain sufferers allowing your muscles to relax while supporting your spine.  

Cool Cell Memory Foam mattresses are available in select mattress shops near Basildon. Cool Cell Memory Foam has been developed and engineered to offer the same feel and pressure relieving properties of the equivalent density (75kg m3) visco elastic Memory Foam but without the heat discomfort.

100% Natural Talalay Latex mattresses are only available at the best mattress shops in Basildon. 100% Natural Talalay Latex is one of the most durable natural materials that can be used for mattresses, it is manufactured using the sap from rubber trees. The main benefits of Latex mattresses are the durability, excellent pressure relief and breathability resulting in a cooler sleep. Users commonly find reduction in aches and pains on joints due to the pressure relief from 100% Natural Talalay Latex along with much less heat retention compared with most mattress material alternatives like Memory Foam etc. Natural mattresses are generally more costly but they are very good for the users health, both physically and mentally due to the breathable properties. This increased initial purchase cost does reflect in the quality and will generally out last synthetic mattresses like Memory Foam.

Hand stitched mattresses are only available in high end mattress shops in Basildon. Your regular independent bed shop will not have availability to these mattress types. Hand stitched mattresses consist of a pocket sprung unit. Pocket sprung hand stitched mattress are a crafted masterpiece using traditional processes by hand to form the most durable sleep surface of any mattress. With the borders of these mattresses stitched by hand into the pocket sprung unit, this provides a true edge to edge support. 

Natural filling mattresses vary from manufacturers, some have natural fillings labelled and utilise a thin blend of natural fillings with synthetic polyester fillings. Others that are usually found in the best bed shops in Basildon utilise only natural fillings throughout the mattress, from the support foundations to comfort layers. Natural mattresses include a pocket sprung unit topped with a variety of fillings including Wool, Silk, 100% Egyptian cotton, Horsehair, Horsetail, Alpaca, Merino wool fillings to name a few. These mattresses can also contain 100% Natural Talalay Latex as comfort layers. Natural mattresses are generally more costly but they are very good for the users health, both physically and mentally due to the breathable properties. This increased initial purchase cost does reflect in the quality and will generally out last synthetic mattresses like Memory Foam.

Hybrid mattresses to try in Basildon bed shops include a choice of Memory Foam, Cool Gel, Cool Cell Memory Foam, MediFoam or synthetic Latex. These comfort layers are topped on a pocket sprung unit. For more information visit the best hybrid mattress blog.

Trying to save money when buying your next mattress can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Cheaper mattresses are generally not constructed with quality components and are not as durable nor supportive. They can be comfortable to start with however in the long term your body could start suffering from aches and pains due to the lack of support and the faster degrading components of the mattress. 

The best mattress shops in Basildon have flexible bed finance options including Klarna mattress online, Clearpay mattress online, Pay Monthly Mattress Interest Free over 12 months.

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