How to choose the right size bed

Do you find yourself asking what size bed should we get? There are 3 main points to consider when making your next bed decision.

  1. Comfort. Your main objective when buying a new bed is ensuring you are comfortable in your bed, whether it is just for yourself or two of you. Think about how much space you will need in bed to comfortably accommodate the users as well as if there is any particular height preferences you may have. Sleeping in bed is one thing, getting in and out of bed is another.
  2. Sleeping positions. You may have heard it is best for you to sleep on your back. Saying that is easier than to actual do it. Which way you sleep in bed is an important consideration on the type of mattress will best suit your sleeping position. Whether you starfish in bed, or curl up like a cat make sure you have enough space for each user to sleep comfortably. Side sleepers would benefit from a pocket sprung mattress as it will allow your shoulders and hips to compress in to the mattress allowing greater spinal alignment.
  3. Bedroom size. This unfortunately is the most over looked part of buying a bed for many people. We hear it nearly everyday "yeah its a king size, it will fit". Although in this example a standard UK 5ft king size mattress is 5ft * 6ft6 the footprint of the bed varies drastically. Divan beds typically take the least amount of space and marginally more than the mattress dimensions itself. Frame bed dimensions vary on design and if you need advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 233 5356 - The right size bed for your bedroom is an important decision, if you need to cartwheel to get to the other side or limbo to open cupboards that could become an inconvenience day after day. Therefore in certain circumstances you may need to compromise on the bed style but never having to compromise on your mattress.

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